The irreconcilable mythology of the west (part one)

Moctezuma and his opera inventions In 1492, the kingdom of Castile and Leon was experiencing one of the most fascinating moments in European history, which would soon become a central episode in universal history. Among other things, kings Isabel and Fernando had not only achieved the re-conquest of Granada and the subsequent unification of the […]

Today, artists and public are others

Going back to the theaters makes present the chord of existence, where everything is visible, audible, tangible. We are gradually coming back to the concert halls, and although it has been a slow and extended return, it has been a period of two years awaiting and learning, which for some has been an instant, and […]

The eternal song of great music

There is no music more social than that of the great composers. I estimate that there are more people that can recall the first notes of Beethoven’s fifth symphony than almost any other folk melody. That «ta ta ta táaaa» dwells by itself in the collective memory of any era and nationality of our days. […]

Dvořák, hacia un nuevo mundo y una nueva época

La gran música hace vibrar a todas las personas por igual, sin distinción de ningún tipo. Dvořák soñó con una sinfonía que reflejara la imagen de un nuevo mundo. Como muchos de los grandes espíritus creadores de la humanidad, Dvořák, nacido en Bohemia en 1841, intentó que el gozo de la música orquestal llegara a […]

20 years of harmonious listening

A society that pays attention to music is a society that knows how to listen to itself and to others.   The greatest wealth of the state of Sinaloa is its people. Beyond the enormous natural and industrial resources it possesses, the talent of its artists and academics has shone in Mexico and, in some […]

New music for modern times

The conductor’s role is not limited to creating agreements among the musicians, but also with the audience and with its environment. The word “symphony”, with which all musicians are familiar, has a practical meaning in everyday Greek usage today. The prefix “sym” stands for “what is done together”, “at the same time”, while “phoné” refers […]

Men depart first – Second Part

In the literary framework of romances, love that is born in this world is only possible in another existence.   It seems to be a constant for the young lovers of different western literatures that the male faces a premature death, and that, consequently, the female, as a fatal destiny, perishes too in order to […]

Men depart first – First Part

Since ancient times, the irrepressible attraction that gravitates between two young lovers has always manifested itself time and time again, over and over again above any obstacle.   It is fascinating to realize how much modern man owes to the ancients and their great stories. In the face of the greatest conflicts, their feelings and […]

To perish without perishing at all: Virgil, Horace and Ovid – Part Four

The calmness of the poet Ovid, the third of the great Latin poets, was abruptly interrupted in the year 8 A.D. after receiving the news of his exile. He was 50 years old, and was to leave Rome at any moment to travel to the edge of the imperial territory, today Constanza, Romania. In that […]

To perish without perishing at all: Virgil, Horace and Ovid – Part Three

Western art of the last thousand years has not been able to avoid the overwhelming influence of the poetic work of Virgil, Horace and Ovid, built in approximately 70 years, during the transition between two millennia. Ovid, the last of these three, was born in 43 B.C., about 120 kilometers from Rome, and died in […]