On music and education in Aristotle – Part one

For the ancients, music was an integral part of education. Today, neuroscience provides new evidence as to why.  It is imperative to go over the ornamental nature of music in current educational programs.   Talking about ancient music theory has become an exercise of speculation and figurative language. Trying to approach a sound phenomenon of […]

From baroque Venice to Buenos Aires porteño: Vivaldi, Piazzolla and their Four Seasons

Today is the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzola’s birth, father of the “New Tango”.  Like Vivaldi, he musically recalled the aromas of each of the seasons of the year.   Antonio Vivaldi and Astor Piazzola were born on a Friday in March. One, 243 years before the other. The first, on the fourth day of […]

The heart Szeryng left in Mexico

Find out the Mexican story of one of the world’s greatest violinists, who died on March 3rd, and who left his heart in Mexico, the country that gave him shelter.   Within the great diplomatic tradition that Mexico has built for almost a century, thousands of refugees have been received, among them, personalities who have […]

Humberto Hernández-Medrano – In Memoriam

Today we commemorate five years since the departure of one of the greatest educators of professional musicians in the recent history of our country.   Mexico, currently one of the countries with the largest number of concert music composers in the world, cannot be explained without its great teachers; characters with a remarkable pedagogical vocation, […]

Julián Carrillo: 13 unknown ideas from the creator of Sound 13

We commemorate 146 years since the birth of one of the most interesting and controversial Mexican composers in our history, whose ideas had an immediate impact on the way we think about music.   On January 28th, 146 years ago today, Julián Carrillo was born in San Luis Potosí, a Mexican composer, conductor, theorist and inventor. He […]

Boulez, present after his departure

January 5th of 2021 marked the fifth anniversary of the departure of the great Pierre Boulez, that versatile giant who took one of the main places in the history of music of our times. Composer, orchestra conductor and relentless cultural disseminator, he was at the same time one of the characters who had the greatest […]

Another year goes by?

Throughout history, several confinements led great human spirits to produce some of the greatest contributions our race has ever known: visual, literary and musical works, scientific discoveries and profound theoretical reflections. All this was the product of effort made during extremely limiting situations, such as plagues, famines, war and captivity, which prompted different individuals to […]

¿Covid and Goliat? – Beethoven at 250 years

The word “concert” refers to having ” concerted” or “arranged” an encounter, an appointment whose purpose is to promote the meeting between artists and their audience, or between an audience and its artists. In such an approach, the audience perceives the music emerging from instruments or voices, interpreted by performers in a face-to-face context. Here, […]