Agudelo, Graciela† (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Joke”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Ahued Naime, Alan (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • El fin del comienzo”, for orchestra (2018)

Amaya, Luis Fernando (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Lo irrevocable”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Aranda, Alexis (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Miniatura cuántica”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Arévalo, Luis Hilario (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Gesto I”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Baca Lobera, Ignacio (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • In modo ordinario”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • Miniatura”, for orchestra (2013)

Bañuelas, Roberto† (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • En búsqueda de Finisterra”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Barreiro, Tomás (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • El Tiempo”, for orchestra (2016)

Barroso, Edgar (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Kuanasi Uato”, for ensemble (2012)

Basulto, Alejandro (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Plaza de los Mártires”, for orchestra (2016)

Cano, Sergio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Elegía en blanco”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • A BAO A QU”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • Solsticio”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Carrillo, Julián† (Mexico, 2oth Century)

  • Violin Concerto N° 2 [in quarter tones] (written in 1964. Rescued and premiered in 2016)
  • Concertino in quarter, eight and sixteenth tones (written in 1927 and premiered by Leopold Stokowski in its chamber version. Rescued and premiered in its original version in 2015)

Casales, Alejandro (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Konetl”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Castaños, Alejandro (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Microresiduo N° 73”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Castro, Ricardo† (Mexico, 19th – 20th Century)

  • La Légende de Rudel” opera (premiered in 1906 in its Italian version and staged again in 1952, sung in Spanish or Italian. Rescued, edited and premiered in its original version with French libretto in 2014)

Cataño, Fernando (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Mini minis N° 5, para septeto”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Mini-mini 11-minis”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Cecchetti, Marco (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Ecos”, for orchestra (2011, premiered in 2012)

Cerrillo, Juan Cristóbal (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Lucha”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Chamizo Alberro, Andrea (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • “Serendipia”, concerto for viola and orchestra (2021)

Chapela, Enrico (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Nanobot”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Contreras, Juan Pablo (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Mariachitlán”, for orchestra (2016)

Coral, Leonardo (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Tres impulsos”, miniature for ensemble (2009)
  • Monstruos marinos”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2011, premiered in 2013)
  • Miniatura líquida”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Cortés-Álvarez, Francisco (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Flamingo Miniatura 1.1”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • Merengue al fuego”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Dájer Guerra, Jorge† (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • ¡Oh viento desmelenado!”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Daniels Torres, Charles Philip (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Quaoar”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • The Magic Trick”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Delgado Parra, Eugenio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Ostinato”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Franco Medina-Mora, Andrés (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • La Sonrisa de Garrick”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Gamboa, Eduardo (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • ¡Compón cortito! Así agredes menos”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

García Islas, Cristina (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Na´Lu´Um”, for orchestra (2018)

Gómez Matus, Carlos (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Poxiapally”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • A Ileana Bautista”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

González Compeán, Francisco Javier (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • IX”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

González Hernández, Daniel (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Parvum”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Guraieb Kuri, Rosa† (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Septeto Resonancias”, for ensemble (2011)

Hurtado, José-Luis (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Swift”, miniature for ensemble (2011, to be premiered)

Iannarelli, Simone (Italy/Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Concertino de Culiacán”, for guitar, strings and percussion (2020)

Illescas, Ernesto (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Un viejo antaño”, miniature for orchestra (2013)
  • Soles y águila”, miniature for ensemble (2011, to be premiered)

Iturralde, Carlos (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Pasacalle VW 1300”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Lach Lau, Juan Sebastián (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Kloralex”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • π ísmo”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Lombera, Aldo (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Dentro de la caja”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

López Reyes, Daniel (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Obituario del último día del año”, for orchestra (2008-09, premiered in 2013)

Luis-Castillo, Alejandro (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Tabás”, for orchestra (2012)

Magdaleno, Juan de Dios (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Los sonidos de la espera”, for orchestra (2011, premiered in 2013)

Medina, Jorge (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Sexteto motívico”, miniature for ensemble (2009)

Medina, Juan Pablo (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Sink”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Spira”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Mendía, Guillermo de (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Los 7 cuerpos celestes”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • 4Stef”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Morales, Hugo (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Encimadé”, miniature for ensemble (2009)

Moreno Ramos, Gilberto (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Pequeña abstracción geométrica”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Quinta del sordo”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Morfín, Arturo (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Composognathus”, miniature for (2013, revised in 2015)

Myrmel, Thomas (United States/Netherlands, 21st Century)

  • Le Voisin” – Chamber opera for ensemble, video, electronics, three singers and dancers (co-conducted y co-premiered with Lucas Vis, 2006)

Navarro, Antonio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Piazzolina”, miniature for ensemble (2011)

Odgers, Alejandra (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Minuere”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Minuere”, orchestral version (2013)

Olivares Montes, Sergio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Amarillo, rojo y azul”, for orchestra (2018)

Ortega, Edgar Bernardo (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Luminiscencia”, para orquesta (2016)

Paredes Pérez, Paulino† (Mexico, 20th Century)

  • Diluvio de fuego”, for orchestra (Written in 1942. Rescued and premiered in 2013)

Pareyón, Gabriel (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Di pehnu ‘bida nu’bu nxui, da pe’ts’i mä t’ihe” (Toco la música de noche, que mantiene nuestro sueño), for seashells and rarámuri percussion (2002)

Pérez Mendoza, Wingel Gilberto (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Horal”, miniature for ensemble

Pérez Santiago, Felipe (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Mal Timing”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Polyester”, miniature for orchestra (2013)
  • Velcro”, concerto for flute and orchestra (2019)

Pichardo, Jean Angelus (México, S. XXI)

  • Mapamundi”, miniatura para ensamble (2010)

Portillo Lagner, Luis Manuel “Harry” (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Claridad y Fuerza”, for orchestra (2018)

Ramírez López, Andrea Sarahí (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Kairós”, for orchestra (2020)

Ramírez Sánchez, Rogelio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Colores nocturnos”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Rico, Horacio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Circus I”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • Expreso 60”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Ritter, Jorge (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Spectros”, concerto for violin and orchestra (2014)

Rodríguez, Marcela (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • De a minuto”, miniature for ensemble (2011)
  • Piano Concerto No. 2 (2012)
  • Caída”, for ensemble (2012)

Rodríguez, Mauricio (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Ío”, for chamber ensemble (2002)
  • Piece without title, for 17 players

Romero, Alejandro (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Voces en el aire”, for orchestra (2008-09, premiered in 2013)

Ruiz Lobera, Jaime (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Instantánea”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Salcedo Sansón, Gabriel (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Chroma”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Salmon Del Real, Miguel (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Mi sangre es verdadera bebida”, for mixed chorus, organ and chamber orchestra (2000)
  • mNoois 1.5”, for percussion ensemble (2001)
  • Zeeng”, for 17 players (2005)
  • Minder is meer”, miniature for seven players (2010)
  • Minder is meer”, orchestral version (2014)
  • Hymn of the National Gendarmerie of Mexico (2017)
  • Obertura Centenaria”, for orchestra [medley based on songs sung by Pedro Infante]. Versions for orchestra (instrumental) and for voices, chorus and orchestra.
  • Waltz “Susana” (1999, revised in 2020). Versions for violin and piano duet and for orchestra.

Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Carlos (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Genghis”, miniature for orchestra (2010)

Sánchez Neri, Analí (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Imagen 2”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Soto Millán, Eduardo (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • A la brevedad posible”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Fin sin historia (con canto lontano para los desaparecidos. Vol. Alt. 24800), for orchestra (2013, revised in 2016)

Taboada, Víctor (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Xapphire du temps”, for orchestra (2016)

Tello, Aurelio (Peru/Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Miniatura para Miguel”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Yuyaychacuy”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Torré, Salvador (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Ventanas”, for orchestra (2012)

Torres Maldonado, Javier (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Lacrymosa II” [In Memoriam Omar Hernández Hidalgo], miniature for flute, violin and piano trio (2011)

Urrusti Frenk, Juan Francisco (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • La Canción de Tito”, miniature for orchestra (2013)
  • “Coltzin”, for orchestra (2021)

Vergara, Juan Andrés (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Tren”, miniature for orchestra (2013)

Vidales, Jorge (Mexico, 20th – 21st Century)

  • Las tres hilanderas”, for ensemble (2010)

Waller, Juan Felipe (Mexico/Netherlands, 21st Century)

  • Reconaissances-Recortaissances”, miniature for ensemble (2010)

Wolny, Zbigniew (Poland/Netherlands, S. XXI)

  • Archi”, for string ensemble (2002)

Zafra, Jacques (Mexico, 21st Century)

  • Música horrenda”, miniature for ensemble (2010)
  • Todo para el último momento”, miniature for orchestra (2013)